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There is no way to accurately describe everything that a person is when living any sort of full life. A while back the concept for a website that expressed more than a single aspect of a person came to mind.

Now days we see a tweet or a share and often it is something created by someone else that we like or think we agree with, as opposed to truly being from us. It might be the thoughts of the day get expressed: where we ate with a picture of what we ate, our momentary frustration or joy, etc.

While in the Marine Corps our Bootcamp Drill Instructors and E 2/3 SSgt Packman told us that we need to have an “I love me book” because we will forget all the things we have done. This was as true in the Marine Corps as it is in regular life and I am grateful that I listened and started one back then. Over time many of those books have been filled with things that would otherwise have been forgotten and this website is something similar.

When we meet in person we may know nothing about each other beyond the scope of the conversation; however, that does not mean that our beings begin or end there.  Enjoy this site as an opportunity to see parts of me that we did not have an opportunity to discuss, and I will fill in as much as I can remember. In time there is sure to be much beyond a few facts.

Besides, this whole website building project is a learning experience for future projects that are being worked on now!  😉